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First Protected
Audiences Ad Network


PrimeAudience is fully focused on utilizing
Generative AI and Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox to:
Provide advertisers with advanced behavioral targeting capabilities
…now and once cookies become obsolete.


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The digital world is rapidly evolving, and with the launch of Google's Gemini and its groundbreaking generative AI capabilities, we're stepping into a new phase of digital advertising. PrimeAudience is leading this change, using AI to bring a new level of personalization and engagement to advertising.

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Contextual targeting will not be enough in the cookieless environment

Elevate your digital advertising game in the cookieless era. Dive into our latest article to discover how contextual targeting is evolving and uncover innovative strategies for precise, privacy-conscious, and high-impact advertising.

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How PrimeAudience works

PrimeAudience is designed to address complex use cases transparently,
providing advertisers with a seamless experience.

Our proprietary Generative AI technology meticulously structures the open web and analyzes user intent with unparalleled accuracy.

Harness the power of our Generative AI technology
to create audiences with unmatched precision, ensuring ad display at scale.

Leveraging our expertise, we integrate seamlessly with Chrome's Privacy Sandbox, offering innovative solutions while prioritizing user privacy.

Our technology is designed to operate independently of cross-site ID mechanisms, ensuring compliance with the latest technological and regulatory standards without compromising on effectiveness.

Cookieless behavioral targeting to grow your brand

Do you want to target users based on their characteristics?

Revolutionary cookieless changes are transforming the data provision landscape. Advertisers have long relied on Data Management Platforms(DMPs) to achieve this goal. Traditionally, audience targeting involved mere lists of individual user IDs, easily imported into any Demand-SidePlatform (DSP).

This approach not only streamlined business operations but also enabled the separation of user data from inventory purchases. However, with the decline of third-party cookies, a more integrated approach is required. The transfer of user lists across companies will face significant limitations.

PrimeAudience provides an innovative way to satisfy behavioral targeting use cases using brand-new Privacy Sandbox APIs. You can take advantage of our proprietary Deep Learning algorithms across the entire value chain, regardless if you want to display ads through our native DSP - Adlook, a part of our group, or through other DSPs of your choice. With us, you can get end-to-end campaign delivery in a protected environment.

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