Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, and this is only set to continue. The launch of Google’s Gemini platform in December 2023 has perhaps been one of the most noteworthy developments of the technology in recent months. Gemini’s generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, combined with many other AI use cases across the industry, are set to reshape how digital advertising is created and served.

An indication of how much the technology will transform the industry can be inferred from the desire many marketers have to implement AI tools. According to a PrimeAudience study, 46% of UK and US perceive deep learning and/or generative AI as being important for reaching their target audiences with third-party cookies disappearing.

Despite this appetite for AI technology amongst almost half of marketers, there remains a large proportion of brands that haven’t quite realized the potential AI has to improve their businesses. Brands must begin to realize the possibilities presented by AI, particularly in its ability to aid the creation of more personalized and engaging ads. But how exactly will the technology lead the brand marketing revolution for businesses?

Intelligence already sits at the heart of ads

Machine learning has already been a cornerstone of digital advertising for some years, being the driving force behind many of the processes involved in targeting, delivering and optimizing ads.

Machine learning algorithms have enabled advertisers to delve deeper into consumer behaviors, optimize ad placements in real-time, and deliver personalized, tailored, and relevant experiences to users. It’s also meant that advertisers can make adjustments to ad creatives in real-time via dynamic creative optimisation, and it’s done wonders for the detection and prevention of ad fraud.

Needless to say, the technology has managed to improve many parts of the industry, and will continue to do so for the future. However, now, there are even more AI tools capable of improving digital advertising even further. And perhaps the most notable is GenAI.

Generating new heights of success

Layered on top of machine learning, GenAI can help brands to take their digital advertising to the next level. At its most basic, GenAI exists to create new data, generating never-before-seen creative elements based on existing data and insights.

GenAI is perfectly placed to address many of the challenges facing advertisers, overcoming the obstacles presented by the deprecation of third-party cookies and the wider privacy implications surrounding that.

For example, an advertiser may have a general idea that they want to target users looking for a brand new hybrid SUV car. GenAI goes beyond just looking for specific keywords and phrases. Based on identified patterns of consumer behavior, it recommends displaying ads on placements that the media planner would not think of. As a result, GenAI enables advertisers to segment audiences with greater granularity and increased scale, enabling them to develop personalized messaging and creative that addresses the needs and interests of individual consumers.

Delivering these hyper-relevant, engaging experiences to target audiences creates an environment which not only boosts the engagement and conversion rates surrounding ad campaigns, but also enhances the overall user experience. Moreover, because new data is being produced, GenAI prioritizes user privacy by not requiring any of their personally identifiable information (PII) to produce results for advertisers.

A revolutionary technology

In a world where it’s become imperative to not rely on data from PII, harnessing GenAI technology has become the answer to delivering relevant, targeted brand advertising to consumers. Contextual is just one of many use cases for GenAI in the future of digital advertising. The technology is full of untapped potential and is capable of transforming the entire marketing landscape. Brands can harness the technology to unlock new areas of creativity, connectivity, and engagement, leveling up their entire output with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Whichever area brands look to leverage GenAI, they must seek partners that are getting the most out of the technology and leading by example in driving forward the future of digital advertising.

Now is the perfect time for advertisers to embrace AI within their brand marketing efforts to deliver effective, personalized advertising experiences and place themselves as leaders in the revolution to come.



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